Homeopathy for Covid-19

Disclaimer: I am not a homeopath or health care professional. I am individual that wants to give attention to homeopathy as an option in dealing with the covid crisis. If you have symptoms that seem to be caused by covid-19, always consult your doctor. Always follow government guidelines on hygiene and safety measures.

Date: May 26 2020
Last update: April 28th 2021

Worldwide, humanity has been hit hard by the covid-19 crisis. Governments are choosing strategies in which they try to ‘controling the curve’. In the meantime, they are waiting for scientists to develop a vaccine, a medicine or find other breakthroughs.

I would like to give light on an other option in dealing with the crisis, which is treating and preventing illness caused by coronavirus trough homeopathy. Something that is happening in Cuba and India on a large scale during the outbreak. Jump to Cuba and India section

I noticed that my government and many other governments don’t give any preventative medical advice concerning food, supplements, lifestyle or alternative treatment. Therefore I chose to write this webpage.

There are homeopathic remedies available for which homeopaths consider that they can contribute in prevention and treating symptoms caused by covid-19. Homeopathic treatment therefore might be an addition to other treatments given and measurements taken at the moment and I think is something that should be investigated.

In my country, due to regulations homeopaths are not allowed to actively publish about homeopathic treatments for covid-19 and express this option in the media. It’s because of the position of alternative medicine and the view from the government, that only methods that have been proven particularly for covid-19 are advised. I don’t see any media in my country covering homeopathy for covid-19 as a possible option. Possibly, because reporters have fear to provide misinformation, because of controversy around homeopathy.

I think in a lot of countries there is similar situation.

We should give every option attention and review it in an honest matter.
This crisis has such an economically and socially large impact, that everything that might contribute should be given a chance to look at.

Source: Instagram Real Immunity, documentary about homeopathy in epidemics.

Preventative remedies, the genus epidemicus

Since the start of the outbreak, homeopaths from all over the world determined which homeopathy remedies are an option for possible prevention (prophylaxis) and treatment of Covid-19. From my humble position as a consumer, I try to keep informed by following several sources on the subject.

As far as my knowledge about homeopathy goes, I know that homeopathy always looks at the individual to see which remedies are needed for that particular person. However, during epidemics, homeopaths determine one or multiple remedies that can work for a large group. This is called the Genus Epidemicus.

On the website of the Canadian homeopathy academy, multiple webinars are published about Covid-19. This video is the last one, with this PDF document with notes for the webinar. In this document several remedies are being described.

Another source is de site of doctor Bathia, a prominent homeopath in India. He wrote an updated article, for the current wave in India in april 2020. Earlier he wrote this article (early 2020).

An interesting webpage is the Mini repertory app for covid-19.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran wrote a clear article in which he describes preventative remedies.

On the site of Magic Pills, a documentary about homeopathy, this document is provided with a description of remedies that might come in hand during 2020.

If you consider homeopathy as an additive treatment for covid-19, consult a professional homeopath who is trained in determining the right remedy and potency. Homeopathy is a possible additive treatment, not a replacement for other types of medical care.

Reputation of homeopathy in the scientific world

For homeopathy it is often said, that there is no scientific evidence. This is not right. There certainly is scientific evidence for homeopathic treatment. Often scientists from other fields question these outcomes, because of the mechanism in which homeopathy works isn’t understand by them at first sight. However, there is a difference between explaining the mechanism behind it or just scientifically determining that as a treatment it is working . It has been determined many times that as a treatment it is working.

If you want to get more in depth have a look at this Youtube videos:

  • Professor Hahn, physician from Sweden, lecture about how homeopathy is being treated in meta analysis Link
  • Chemistry Professor Voeikov, lecture about hypothesis on why why ultra high dilution might have biological effect, Link

Homeopathic remedies are strongly diluted substances in water and stimulate the self-healing ability of a person. The mechanism behind this effect isn’t understand on first hand by scientists from other fields of work. Therefore sometimes this form of medicine is rejected by them and discussion rises. In practice, many academically educated medical doctors support homeopathy.

Health is a complicated matter where many factors are involved: body, mind and spirit. Science can give us many answers, but life still has many mysteries and science cannot explain everything. Something that is forgotten sometimes.

In practice I notice that scientists have strong differences in their point of views on certain health subjects. The agreement on certain health subjects isn’t as large as the general public might think.

Difference between countries
Strong differences between countries exist concerning the view on homeopathy. In India for instance it is a widespread form of medicine. India counts 200.000 homeopaths.
In the US, Dr. Mehmet Oz who is a professor at Columbia University (New York) and a heart surgeon, has a medical talkshow on television. In the past he covered homeopathy on his show. This was before corona and didn’t cover Covid-19, but homeopathy in general. This item can be watched in below video.

YouTube video, before corona, in which dr. Oz gives attention to homeopathy as health system

Practicallity of homeopathy

Homeopathy is a form of medicine with low costs and low impact on environment. There are very little side effects from homeopathic remedies, because of the dilution principle.

I do not want to say that it should replace other medical care. Medical doctors and nurses are doing a great job and we are very lucky with the evolvement of medical science. Homeopathy might be an addition though, and I think it should be researched as an option.

I read the following quote in a Chinese newspaper in the beginning of the outbreak:

Tong, who is the chief scientist with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, said in an interview with Sina Technology on Thursday that it was not the time for rival medical camps to criticise each other’s methods.

“Don’t argue who should be the main player, or who has better techniques,” he was quoted as saying. “Everyone must join hands and unite.”

He was right. We should do everything within our power to lower the impact of coronavirus.

Cuba and India are applying homeopathy

Two countries that are interesting to look at, are Cuba and India. Cuba has successfully applied homeopathic treatment during epidemics in the past. Something that is covered in the documentary film Magic Pills. Available to watch online.

During the current crisis Cuba has distributed a homeopathic prophylaxis. There seems to be a good course of the covid-19 outbreak in Cuba. There are 82 reported deaths, which is 7 per million inhabitants. (Date May 26 2020, Source: John Hopkins Map). The Guardian wrote an article about a good course of Covid-19 in Cuba. A medical trial for the effectiveness of the distributed prophylaxis has been registered on the website of the WHO, see this page

In the below video, the head of the Finlay institute (not a homeopath) describes her positive experience with homeopathy in the past.

Source: Homeopathy Research Institute

In India the ministry of AYUSH (a bundling of types of alternative medicine) has issued a statement in the beginning of the pandemic in which it was advised, among other things, to use a homeopathic remedy as a preventative.

In the province of Kerala, 4.5 million people have been given a homeopathic remedy as prophylaxis, see this article. This article, from June 6 2020, reports the measurements taken in Kerala and that only 19 deaths on a population of 35 million have been reported.

Clinical trials
A list of current trials using homeopathy can be found here. No trials have been published during the last year, it is not expected that these will be come available.

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